The main objective of the pilot is to demonstrate the seamless on-demand mobility of automated vehicles (AVs) in Contern, Luxembourg.

The pilot led by the University of Luxembourg will focus on employees travelling to and from the local train station, with the potential use of shuttles for goods delivery. Conventional as well as autonomous shuttles will be deployed, offering increased responsiveness and integration with public transport. Real-time traffic and transit information will optimise the on-demand service, building on a previous EU-funded project.

The impact of a large-scale On-Demand Shuttle (ODS) will be assessed through simulation, modelling the area using macroscopic and microscopic approaches. The pilot will demonstrate the technical readiness of AVs for re-scheduling operations and demonstrate the multi-use capabilities of the fleet for goods transport during periods of low passenger demand.

Scenarios include performance improvement over time, real-time re-scheduling, and integrated passenger and freight delivery functionality. User acceptance and wider societal considerations will be assessed, encouraging collaboration between stakeholders.

The Luxembourg pilot project aims to showcase the capabilities of AVs and gain insights for future innovation and collaboration in this field.