The project

Ai-aided deCision tool for seamless mUltiModal nEtwork and traffic managemeNt – ACUMEN

Managing multimodal transport services that meet customer needs and improve safety, while reducing congestion and contributing to decarbonisation, is a challenging task. Despite the potential of new technologies these have not been widely adopted due to a lack of integration, appropriate management policies, and supportive governance models.

To overcome these obstacles, ACUMEN is implementing a range of strategic approaches:

  1. Secure and Decentralized Data Framework: ACUMEN is designing a robust, privacy-preserving, and decentralized data framework that facilitates real-time information sharing among mobility providers and operators. This framework promotes collaboration and enables effective decision-making.
  2. Advanced Monitoring and Forecasting: Leveraging concepts from explainable AI and hybrid intelligence, ACUMEN is developing cutting-edge monitoring and forecasting tools with exceptional accuracy. These tools empower stakeholders to analyse and predict traffic patterns, supporting proactive management strategies.
  3. Decision-Making and Management Solutions: ACUMEN aims to create and test new decision-making and management solutions that operate at various urban scales, including sections, intersections, networks, and fleet management. By fostering cooperation among mobility providers, ACUMEN strives to optimize services and enhance overall efficiency.

ACUMEN aims to establish a technological and methodological framework that integrates state-of-the-art mobility modelling, data processing, prediction, and advanced visualization capabilities. By embracing the concept of Digital Twins (DT) and adopting a Hybrid Intelligence  (HI) paradigm, ACUMEN aims to develop intuitive decision-support tools for smart cities. These tools facilitate effective collaboration between humans and AI, resulting in innovative services that benefit citizens.

The consortium of the project is led by Aalto University (FI) and brings together 17 partners from 8 EU Member States as well as Switzerland. The ACUMEN consortium has an excellent balance of expertise needed to achieve the project’s objectives. It includes six top universities – ensuring scientific excellence in technological and methodological developments; two RTOs – allowing to maintain the chain from research to innovation and supporting technology transfer; six companies and their subsidiaries – ensuring direct link to future market potential, innovation continuity and integration with existing legacy and open applications; four pilot initiatives implemented  with the support of local stakeholders, significantly engaging two cities, thus ensuring a wealth of insights and feedback from stakeholders; and POLIS, the leading network of European cities and regions engaged in developing innovative technologies and policies for local transport.

Timeframe: The project started in June 2023 and run for three years