This pilot project in Athens aims to develop and evaluate an innovative mobility platform to support decision-making in the metropolitan area.

It addresses issues related to private cars, trucks/last-mile delivery and public transport, including congested roads, long queues, increased travel times and illegal parking due to the complexity of traffic management in the city and the involvement of different stakeholders (e.g. governmental authorities, municipalities, transport operators, etc.).

The pilot, led by DAEM (the IT company of the Municipality of Athens), aims to develop a comprehensive mobility platform that collects multimodal data from different sources and provides traffic and transport analysis, short-term forecasts, and a simulation tool. It will be integrated into a Digital Twin for Athens. The platform is expected to provide an innovative tool for traffic analysis and forecasting.

The platform will be calibrated with real-world data, including detailed vehicle trajectories and freight data using drones.

The pilot will involve local stakeholders to demonstrate the applicability of the platform, evaluate its usability and assess its potential. Specifically, the ACUMEN framework will be tested through forecasting simulations to assess its effectiveness in predicting traffic changes in Athens and generating expected outcomes. Benchmarking techniques will be used to ensure the transferability of the implemented solution to other locations beyond the Athens pilot.