In Amsterdam, the pilot project led by AMS aims to demonstrate joint multimodal management in response to infrastructure disruptions.

The focus is on a key corridor facing challenges due to the IJ tunnel bottleneck. Disruptions result in tunnel closures, traffic diversions along the ring road and longer journey times. The presence of a Park & Ride facility and a high-frequency metro line adds to the complexity during closures.

The virtual pilot uses Amsterdam’s traffic management ecosystem to simulate mobility scenarios and collect data for accurate measurements. Historical traffic data increases the robustness of the pilot.

The pilot explores traffic management measures to improve the distribution of users across modes and assess the impact on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as delays and emissions. Scenarios include data-driven simulations, seamless strategies and collaborative actions involving mobility management agencies. Stakeholder involvement guides the scenario design, which is aligned with the long-term vision of the municipality.

By demonstrating effective joint multimodal management during disruptions, the pilot aims to contribute to policy-making and improve overall mobility in Amsterdam.