The importance of being ACUMEN

There are many projects that aim to make mobility more sustainable and accessible, but what is the specificity of ACUMEN and why is it necessary to launch such a project? 

In a rapidly evolving world where mobility needs are becoming more diverse and sustainability is paramount, the management of user-centred, comprehensive multimodal services is challenging. Especially when it comes to meeting customers’ mobility needs while improving safety, reducing congestion and contributing to decarbonisation. As new mobility trends such as on-demand transport, mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), e-scooters and e-bikes gain momentum, the future promises disruptive changes in citizens’ mobility patterns and delivery needs, adding to the complexity of transport systems. 

The promise of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and connected, collaborative and autonomous mobility (CCAM) to revolutionise the mobility experience is undeniable. However, despite their potential, these technologies have yet to achieve widespread adoption and market penetration. This discrepancy is largely due to the lack of integrated key technologies, appropriate multimodal management strategies, and supportive governance and regulatory frameworks that facilitate interoperable decision-making and data sharing. 

It is noteworthy that transport and demand management for both travellers and freight still often follow outdated practices, without coherent coordination between modes and operators. This lack of synergy leads to inefficiencies and disruptions between modes and ultimately to an unsatisfactory door-to-door travel experience for people and goods. 

ACUMEN recognises the need to promote integrated network and transport management and envisions a future where seamless, sustainable, connected, and automated mobility is central. ACUMEN is committed to developing a generic, data-driven, and modular digital framework. This approach promises to improve the efficiency and reliability of door-to-door journeys, increase safety and resilience at a network level, and play a key role in furthering the objectives of the Green Deal transport initiatives. 

At its core, the ACUMEN project is a response to the complex challenges of modern mobility. With a clear focus on bridging the gap between cutting-edge technologies, comprehensive management strategies and supportive governance models, ACUMEN is poised to shape a future where seamless mobility is not only possible but thriving.