Teamwork makes the dream work: introducing the Multimodal Traffic Management Cluster (MTM)

ACUMEN has recently become a member of the Multimodal Traffic Management (MTM) cluster, an important step that not only provides an opportunity for knowledge exchange but also gives it a key position in shaping the European Union’s approach to network and traffic management. The MTM Cluster aims to enable multimodal network and traffic management for future mobility.

Building on the foundation of the 4FRONT cluster, the MTM cluster has undergone a substantial transformation with the integration of three additional Horizon Europe projects, broadening its scope beyond its original objectives. It brings together EU initiatives such as FRONTIER, TANGENT, ORCHESTRA, DIT4TraM, SYNCHROMODE and DELPHI, and facilitates collaborative activities such as panel discussions, webinars and workshops.

Initially focused on road transport, Network and Traffic Management (NTM) now encompasses multimodal transport, in line with the European Commission’s Sustainable and Intelligent Mobility Strategy. Recognising the importance of smart digital solutions and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), NTM is evolving to effectively promote connected and automated multimodal mobility. Such an evolution underlines the urgent need for efficient transport management across different networks, modes and stakeholders. This is where the MTM cluster comes in, enabling multimodal network and traffic management for future mobility.

Within the cluster, common goals drive collective efforts towards innovation and progress:

  • Developing dynamic tools for managing transport demand and optimising supply.
  • Formulating innovative architectures and operational concepts for efficient, resilient and adaptable multimodal network and transport management systems.
  • Implementing state-of-the-art data collection and fusion techniques using existing standards and methods for seamless data exchange.
  • Establish multi-stakeholder organisational and business models that promote shared responsibility among the various traffic management stakeholders.
  • Assess the transformative impact of emerging technologies, including intelligent infrastructure and connected and automated vehicles.
  • Developing and calibrating arbitration models tailored to complex network and traffic management scenarios, including disaster management.

ACUMEN aims to establish a technological and methodological framework that integrates state-of-the-art mobility modelling, data processing, forecasting and advanced visualisation capabilities. By embracing the concept of Digital Twins (DT) and adopting a Hybrid Intelligence (HI) paradigm, ACUMEN aims to develop intuitive decision-support tools for smart cities. Consequently, the project’s objectives are directly aligned with those outlined above, thus securing its rightful place within the cluster.

Through concerted collaboration and innovation within the MTM cluster, ACUMEN and its partners are well positioned to drive change in the European transport landscape and ensure sustainable, efficient, and resilient mobility solutions.