Multimodal Traffic Management Cluster publishes policy brief on data sharing for improved traffic management

The Multimodal Traffic Management Cluster has published a new policy brief focusing on data sharing for traffic management. This collaboration between EU-funded traffic management projects aims to improve traffic management strategies through better data sharing and governance.

The brief, developed following a workshop in June 2023 and reviewed by newer cluster projects such as SYNCHROMODE, DELPHI as well as ACUMEN, examines the crucial role of data sharing for efficient network and traffic management. It covers challenges and innovations in the data ecosystem, governance, regulation, standards and exchange, providing a comprehensive guide to the future of traffic management.

Key highlights include the cluster’s emphasis on creating a robust data ecosystem to facilitate the seamless exchange of information between different transport modes. Recommendations include the creation of a central database for traffic-related information, alignment with recent EU legislation such as the Data Governance Act and the AI Act, and the adoption of universal data formats such as DATEX II. The brief also advocates the use of advanced technologies such as RESTful APIs and MQTT protocols for real-time traffic information exchange.

In addition, cluster projects are actively addressing the legal and technical challenges associated with data sharing, navigating new EU regulations to promote a unified data economy, and ensuring compliance with data protection laws such as GDPR.

This policy brief serves as a key resource for traffic management stakeholders, providing actionable strategies to improve data practices across Europe’s transport networks by 2030. Collaboration between transport operators, policymakers and technology providers is crucial to implementing these advanced data-sharing frameworks and achieving sustainable and efficient urban mobility solutions.

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You can find the full report here.